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Saturday, July 06, 2002
not gone, but should be forgotten

The following blogs have not been updated for at least several weeks,
and therefore should not be taking up space in any directory of St. Blog's members:

Capax Dei
Chud's Miscellaneous Thoughts
The Thoughts of Halstrom

Friday, July 05, 2002
I like my taste buds dry.

from Integrity:
"To wet your appetite ..."

Wednesday, July 03, 2002
patience, people
Proofreading everything in St. Blog's Parish takes quite a bit of time.
If your Catholic blog has yet to be critiqued on this site, please bear with me.

The search for the smallest of boo-boos wore down my fine-tooth comb,
but I finally nailed roller coaster enthusiast Kathryn Lively.
(not Kathyrn Lively, as in Gerard Serafin's list )
"I'd us the post office ..."
Unfortunately, Ms. Lively wrote that she was tired the next day, so I can crab away without guilt.

Thomas Joseph bemoans being snubbed by yours truly in this post.

He need not have despaired.
In the previous post, he writes:
"... most agenda's you see ..."
He provides a link to Veni Sancte Spiritus
but also links to the old home of the blog of the Marquis de Misspelling.

Mr. Joseph scoops Mr. Serafin by linking to Lex Comunis
where Peter Sean Bradley writes:
"... the I-5 at the intesection of the Santa Monica Freeway ..."

Gregory Poopchek has also been annoyed with me for overlooking his peccadillos.
Here's one:
"... a child can get drawn into an abusers web ..."

Blogbuster Video

today's spelling lesson:
The apostrophe is not used to form a plural noun.

at a blog with a very long name:

"Advice received concerning on the Summa's "
"East coaster's have no problem with the Mario Cuomo's and Teddy Kennedy's."
"one of the smoothest whiskey's"
"Seemingly affected by neither Nietsche or TV "
"why Humane Vitae should've been the lightening rod"
"curmugeonly older age."
"impentetrable line for Communion "
"lay missionaires"
"like a geiger counters triggering the nearness"
"I peaked inside it's slightly ajar doors"
"observered from a distance"
"if I could enter the locals lives"

Tuesday, July 02, 2002
not really a papal sin!

In this post at Quid Novi, the author contends that I was wrong in my earlier post about the
proper form of a Cardinal's full name.

"Colin Donovan, STL, Vice President for Theology at EWTN" is quoted, including the following sentences:
"There is only one proper method for applying the cardinalatial title. Using the present archbishop of Boston
as an example, the proper placement of the cardinalatial title would be Bernard Cardinal Law. Using the form
Cardinal Bernard Law is never correct."

I respectfully disagree.
Mr. Donovan also writes that "one should not rely on the scular media for religious information ..."
Mr. Donovan and the blogger need to realize that no religious authority controls the use of the English language outside of the Church.
If you see "Bernard Cardinal Law" in the Boston Globe or some other newspaper, you have found an error.
As I wrote previously, that form is correct only in official Church settings.

The newspaper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles always refers to "Cardinal Roger Mahony".
Cardinal Mahony has not excommunicated the editor of The Tidings, since an issue of the paper is not an
official Church document.

"I am not aware of an elevation of Nihil Obstat to the rank of Pope."
Neither am I, but if I can just get Gregory Popcak and Mark Shea in my corner ....

I am not Mark Shea! (and neither are any of my alternate personalities)
The blogger responsible for Catholic and Enjoying It! has just discovered Ono's Thoughts.
Regular readers of this blog (admit it, this stuff is addictive!) will recall that I previously welcomed Ono
as only yours truly would

Of course, this could just be a ploy to throw Gregory Popcak off the scent ...
"Who else but Anal Obstat would be capalbe of wielding his grammatical wit so expertly?"
Is Mr. Popcak a proctologist? If I'm not Mark Shea, then I am not necessarily male.

looks sort of weird, too

Over at HMS Blog, Woodeene Koenig-Bricker (tell me that's not a pseudonym!)
proves beyond a shadow of a doubt not to be an alternate personality of Mark Shea, er, Nihil Obstat:

"I realize that sounds sort of wierd..."
"There is saddness..."

Monday, July 01, 2002
women's issues at Michigan Catholic
In posts of yesterday and the previous Sunday, another common apostrophe catastrophe can be seen.

"womens' ordination"
"womens' religious order "

Since "women" is plural, the correct spelling is women's.

"occultic spirituality"
I doubt that you'll find that word in any standard English dictionary, so I would use occult.