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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Links Lojinks XLV

The "John Podhoretz" link here is malformed.

I favor putting bad spelling out of its misery.

JPod misspells a word, and Derb didn't notice because he had a knot in his knickers.

"Mr. Derbyshire ... supports euthenasia." (What about proper spelling?)

UPDATE: I hadn't finished this post before noticing that JPod did it again!

"... given such opinions about ... euthenasia, you really ought to have ..." (corrected my mistake.)

Perhaps you'll want to update your own links, Web Guy.

Choosing BLOG ROW->THE CORNER at NRO leads you here, where you see the following.

"The Corner has moved to a much-easier-to-remember home. It's now at You'll want to update your bookmarks. " (Indeed!)

UPDATE: Either Web Guy read my email, or K-Lo gave him the desire to fix the link.