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Friday, April 16, 2004
Pride goes before the fall.

Barbara Nicolosi is surely aware of that bit of Biblical wisdom.

"... the San Deigo Writers Guild is probably the best organized, most successful fellowship of writers in the whole country."

Sneak Critique

SecretAgentMan's Dossier undergoes inspection today.

"... Mark Shea, published author, public speaker, and mainainer of the Catholic and Enjoying It! blog ..."
"Ms. Hennebgerger's article is in black, while my thoughts are in blue."
"womens' clinic"
"Who says only abortionists should get to to hurt children?" (Don't look at me.)
"... (however afflicted by the the limitations that operate on any human conscience) ..."
"... there are rewards for for having Catholic principles and prices to pay ..." (for redundancies.)
"... noting that the policital process ..." (is open to people of varying spelling abilities.)
"... thereby releiving him of any responsibility to ..." (obey the "i before e" rule.)
"... a smiling bananna holding an umbrella."
"Latin in the Litugry -- Hooray!!! with Quibbles" (Add one.)
"... the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discpline of the Sacraments ..."

Links Lojinks XXXVI

Perhaps the National Catholic Register was honoring the first day of April.
The first link in this post at SecretAgentMan's Dossier is bad.

Monday, April 12, 2004
Phil Mickelson won't be left behind.

He will no longer hold the dubious title of "best player to never win a major", but I'm referring to this post by the lively writer.

"I've always rooted for Phil, a fellow lefty." (Uh, not exactly.)