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Saturday, July 26, 2003
Unholy Rapping of Domers

I hope I don't get their Irish up, but here are some solecisms from Holy Whapping.

"Even more strange is the final track which consists of a recited exortation in Spanish to the New World ..."
"... the manic self-referential absurdism of Get Smart and the Graham Greene grimyness of Secret Agent ..."
"If St. Simion Stock were reading this blog right now (bless me), woud he comment that ..."
"... the world was created in Christ and for Christ, and therefore, it was right that it should be redeemed in and by him Him."
"Likewise, microbes swim across microscope slides unconsiously for the love of God."
"Long geneological story, that, since there isn't any Russian in my recent family tree ..."
"... we tend to think the Israelites used no images whatsoever in their worship of God, as if they were Semitic Puritains."
"(First Vespers having been sung at 2:30, Compline and Matins jammed in imemdiately afterwards)."
"When asked by my roomate what they were like ..."
"While I'm sure that I would undoubtably have grown in my faith ..." (... and in your spelling ability ...)
"For a student who is well grounded in his faith, ND offers a refresing opportunity ..."
"WHoever easts my flesh and drinks my blood has my presence within him." (Oriental heresy?)
"We believe that this understanding is correct for many reasons, but a cheif reason is that ..."
"... history for 2,000 years with an unbroken line of leaders streching to the Apostles ..."