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Friday, March 14, 2003
A Couple of Spots that Need Polishing

Immaculate Heart is yet another blog that qualifies for a listing in the directory.

"Coming off the heals of Joe Scheidler's Supreme Court victory Scheidler vs. NOW , we have another victory for the unborn."
"When you consider that all you have is the result of His benificence and magnanimity, what is 10% of the first fruits ..."

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
As promised,

I am noting that, as of the original posting of this entry, Squares was not listed in the directory.

"Getting a spliter embedded in my finger (wait, that wasn't fun...)"
"Somehow, the chill and the wind in my face and on whatever of my skin is exposed makes me feel exhilarated."
" An especially impotant point is that a gentleman should never sewar in the presence of or, God forbid, at a lady."
"The real-life world has more possiblities than the online world, after all."
"That will help, becaues I get writer's cramp so easily, especially when I'm writing something important."

UPDATE: OK, so I'm not a pasta expert.

Monday, March 10, 2003
"It's like deja vu all over again."  Yogi Berra

Once again, blogs were listed twice in the directory of St. Blog's Parish.
This time Jeanetta (aka JMT) got double billing for De Fidei Oboedientia,
and David Reuter's blog, Become What You Are, was also cloned in the list.

[Editor's Note: I pledge to now explicitly state when a blog featured here is not yet listed in the directory.
 In that spirit, please extend a warm welcome to Wanderings of My Mind, Blog,
 Church of the Masses, Catholic and Loving It!, and Veritatis Visio.]

UPDATE: No one can accuse Mr. Serafin of being a slacker.
Therefore, I was justifiably confident that he would deal with I'm Not a Man That Likes to Swear . . .
and Touched by Grace appropriately.

Sunday, March 09, 2003
Is a trip to Pennsylvania really tougher than one to Hell?

Jeanetta's chances for recovery from the first journey seem rather slim.

"I'm going home to PA for a few days (my car is gonna get fixed).  Then I'm returning to Rochester
to recouperate from that trip, and then the roommate and I are driving to Hell, Michigan."