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Thursday, March 06, 2003
Links Lojinks XXII

At Christus Victor, the email links for Jeff and Meg had "</a" appended to them,
but the links would have worked if you removed the extraneous characters from the addresses.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003
Links Lojinks XXI

The Contrarian doesn't allow us to investigate a "misleading charge against Bishop Adamec".

Monday, March 03, 2003
Wanderings of her Words

Katrina's random thoughts and musings may be seen here.

"This is so frusterating." (No doubt, and I feel just that way about G--g--.)
"I'm not going to procrasinate and be worried out of my mind when it comes near."
"The sweetness of procrasination has limits--and in this case, it's hit one."
"Not that I expect a band of clever, witty, brillant relatives ..."
"... we will tell amusing antedotes, and there will be a slightly heated debate about politics ..."
"There's alway such a thin line, though."
"... for there is anything worse than feeling embarassed?"
"... but to someone who is dying to know all of mankind well, it is quite frusterating."
"... it's pratically a crime for a writer to be non-witty."
"... what's the trouble in writing your own thoughts using your own vocabularly?" (Well ...)
"... would keyboard be more appropiate?"
"... I do have to limit my vocabularly." (no argument here)
"... soon I have to sit and face the rentlessly unpoetic logic of math."
"I suprised myself today ..."
"... popular is most definetly a stretch."
"... deftly makes them intergal to the story as they are to most people's lives."
"The contest deadline isn't until May, so I have the advantage of an unpressured atomsphere to think about it in."
"This came up during literature class a few weeks ago, and it occured to me that ..."
"So it then occured to me--what it loving our neighbors is an extension of loving God?"
"I wonder how much orginal sin changed relationships ..."
"Such acts are pratically isolated."
"I usually speak my dialouge out loud."
"... that's just making me all cheerful and optomistic." (Never have your vision checked by a grouch.)

the eighth fact

Not to belittle anagrams, but Gregg has failed to end my obscurity.

Mark Shea
Charlie Hatchko
Eve Tushnet
Karl Schudt's wife
Gregory Popcak
James Akin
The Old Oligarch
Rod Dreher
Amy Welborn
Kathryn Lively
one of Victor Lams' robots
Tony Alamo
Peter Nixon
Tom Setka
Domenico Bettinelli
None Of The Above