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Saturday, February 22, 2003
the sixth fact

Comments are interesting, but they won't tell you who I am.

[Editor's Note: The Obscure One claims to have solved the mystery.
 If the guilty party is not yet listed, I can't add the suspect
 until I have a name. ]

Mark Shea
Charlie Hatchko
Eve Tushnet
Karl Schudt's wife
Gregory Popcak
James Akin
The Old Oligarch
Rod Dreher
Amy Welborn
Kathryn Lively
one of Victor Lams' robots
Tony Alamo
Peter Nixon
Tom Setka
None Of The Above

Friday, February 21, 2003
Pink Paw Prints?

(and two cute kitties)

Will G--g-- pay for my prom dress?

The good news is that G--g-- replaced my blog with a Catholic blog I had not previously known about.
McKenzie's blog is actually located here.

In this extraordinary situation, I will overlook the few minor errors present in the following post.


Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Today is Tuesday. I had a really long day yesterday, it being my first day back and all. I hate catching up.

In Chemistry yesterday, we had a sub, and she wouldn't let us work together.

I got my report card the other day, and I had all A's, but they messed up my attendence, and it said I had
missed 9 days already, when I had only missed 3 for this semester. So I went to see my guidance counselor
before Spanish, and he said it was ok, and was the computer's fault.

While I was with my counselor, he gave me a invitation to join Beta club. The ceremony isn't until March though.

Today is going pretty good so far. This morning, we had to go see all of our teachers from last semester to get
recommendations from them for our schedule next year. My math teacher wants me to take trig, but I already
have the required 4 courses in math, and probably won't take it.

I called my dad last night to see if he was planning to help us to pay for my prom dress like he said he was
going to. He told me he'd bring half of the money over on Thursday.

I have to go to work today. Afterwards, as today is the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, my parish is having a
special Mass, and a groundbreaking ceremony for our new church. After Mass, we're having a reception,
and my mom volunteered to help with it.

Mood: Excited, happy
Audio- Typing
posted by McKenzie 1:07 PM

Thursday, February 20, 2003
G--g-- is at it again.

I receive the following error message when I try to visit Mommentary:

"The following Blog*Spot page was not found:


You may wish to visit the home page for this site."

I can get to the blog through a link to a particular post, like this one.

UPDATE: G--g-- has finally seen fit to let Elinor Dashwood out of Blog Purgatory.

The empire strikes back!

Google is a little more sensitive than I imagined.
I make a couple of perfectly innocent references to the purchase of Pyra, and my blog is replaced by an animated GIF,
which appears to be an ad for an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"Together Again... at Last"
"Watcher and Slayer"

Wednesday, February 19, 2003
Links Lojinks XX

Ever Ancient, Ever New makes its first appearance here.

"Follow this (a href="">link courtesy of Mark Shea for the story."

The link should lead to this article.

Film Critique

Church of the Masses is the blog of movie maven Barbara Nicolosi.

[Editor's Note: I suppose that there is a perfectly logical reason for the WebCounter being stuck at 666.]
UPDATE: No, I wasn't kidding, and yes, I'm glad that the counter is incrementing again.

"Men have have been infected with the evil tendency ..."
"... several people have their skulls smashed in in several different creative ways."
"Patriotism is an excuse to be bigotted and brutal."
"There are no heros."
"Oh, and lots of burning and smokey places."
"How about stories of the attrocities during the Spanish Civil War?"
"Like scratching an inflamation over and over so that it never heals."
"Having seen the city in its heydey in 1939 in the early moments of the film ..."

Google can't be blamed for the existence of these gems.

Sorry, Alicia, but they were posted several days before the aforementioned acquisition.

"The heresy is one that denies the existance of free will."
"... therefore we will sue the merchants and manufacturors who have not protected us from ourselves."
"... when I fiercely miss the unconditional love and utter dependance of small children."


Conspiracy theorists will note that the emergence of the dreaded Error 503 has coinicided
with Pyra being swallowed up by a much bigger fish.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Catholic and Enjoying Loving Infringing It!

This chap claims to be a friend of Mark Shea, so the World Court will probably stay out of it.

In case anyone thought that only the Yanks are apostrophe abusers ...

"... having missed the lecture where it was set and explained hasnt helped."
"He is presenty sat to my left, hands on his head ..."
"I dont expect it will directly affect my blog any time soon."
"... blogger wont go bankrupt and shu down the servers and lose my blog for me."
"I didnt vote as I am not a member ..."
"Paul tried to balance all of the cleaning imlements in the house ..."
"The resulting reaction caused the white gooey stuff in the salt shaker to spray out accross the room."
"Its good." (No, it most certainly is not.)
"We have just got in, Ella is feeling ill and its tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle."
"Ella ripped the shovel down from its mounting, and marched through the tree's, me begging her to stop."
"Ella nad Lizzy each had very red Chicken Tikka Masala."
"How wierd is that?"

Monday, February 17, 2003
Links Lojinks XIX

The blogger whose name I dare not mention contributes the following link in this post.>

It doesn't work even if you remove the ">", but the error message is less run-of-the-mill.