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Thursday, February 13, 2003
Dylan may be expelled from the Carpenters Union.

On his blog (whatever it's called today), he mentions 3 Carpenters singles as among his favorite Seventies songs.

There's just one small problem.

Only one of them is an original Carpenters song.

Superstar was sung by Rita Coolidge on a Joe Cocker album in 1970.
Hurting Each Other was first recorded by Ruby & the Romantics in 1969.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Just the First Appearance by Another Catholic Seminarian

His blog is located here.

"... perhaps we even watch Mother Angelica and read our Bible and Catechisim ..."
"Perhaps as one of my favortie teachers says ..."
"... we my brother pilgrims in Rome and myself have been granted aprivate audience with the Pope."
"We have ben hoping to recieve a private mass, as is his custom ..."
"Nothing too exciting, as I am many miles from home, perhpas this will take on a life of its own...
"We have seen the Pope on Three occasions, we have met Cardinal Arinze, some of us have met Carinal Ratzinger ..."
"I am estimating and am proabbly complete wrong but approximately 35-40 Million Catholic in the US ..."
"The Curia we were told today assist the bishop of the local diocese thay are not Church Police."
"That thay are ogres that rule the church with an iron fist."
"We as American Catholics are some of the most disobedient in the world, we don't listen to our paster ..."
"Our membership in the Church is becasue our Bishop listens to the Holy Father, and we listen to the bishop ..."

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Why hasn't someone blamed sleep deprivation before?

Surely the Two Sleepy Mommies are not the only ones who have blogged when not well-rested.

"... I have been "settling" for a slice of homeade panettone and a cup of coffee."
"And a sure way to get me thinking along these lines is a news story on the lastest theological reflections ..."
"It's not just parents modelling good habits of virtue and piety ..."
"... Fastolph still has asthma, but not constatntly."
"This past Feast of St. Nicholas I had the priviledge of turning 30 for the first and last time of my life."
"... when I am going to officially feel "grown up" even though I was married with adult repsonsibilities."
"My Posco (7 year old secind grader) will be the first to get up any minute ..."
"OK, so we all know and are outraged about pro-abortion "Reverand" Al Sharpton being a guest homilist ..."
"... replaces it with the wonderful notion that African Americans are nothing more than stereotypical charicatures?"
"... we found ourselves stumped trying to decribe Saddam Hussein."
"Snce I am indifferent about the value of anything .."
"We have nifty little labled drawers to store all of our little toy animals and action figures ..."

Monday, February 10, 2003
I'm not going to quote Mr. Durante yet again.

Nice try, Alicia, but I saw it.

Sunday, February 09, 2003
The Truth About Overpriced Graphics Software

Funny, but the content of this new blog isn't related to this Mickeysoft product.

"I came accross the issue before when my mother complained that our new pastor has a somewhat condescending tone ..."
"... why many of the parishoners reacted in an unfavorable way to his homily is simply because it was of real substance ..."
"He has an indellible character given to him in his sacrament ..."