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Thursday, January 23, 2003
Guess which punctuation mark is misused on RichardZ Blog.

"I had my parents coffee after dinner tonight."
"Apparently Tampa's head coach was Oaklands coach last year but not without a price."
"I can't imagine anyone who isn't black or was/is in a marching band/drum corp would enjoy this movie."
"... regardless of what corruption he may be accussed of he did at least one good thing ..."
"It's affects will hopefully create a renewed debate in the abolition of the death penalty across the U.S."
"No kidding I saw 5 Hummer Limo's within a 2 mile stretch and an innordinate number of other types of limo's."
"That's 2 lb's of hamburger meat."
"Saturday morning we made our way to the local dinor located right next door to the hotel."
"... it's chasis can seperate from the body because the engine is contained entirely in the chasis."
"Here's the worlds first bar that ran out of beer and gave us problems when we asked for more."
"... to bad we just had a closing call but didn't tell you even though it's another hour until we're suppossed to close."
"My advice, don't go to HockeyTown unless you like to be treated like a lepar in the streets of Bahgdad."

Wednesday, January 22, 2003
This has the ring of truth.

The Marquis provides the following description for his blog in the NetRing list of St. Blog's Parish.

"Hit or miss blogging that probably has more misses thant hits."

"Psuedo-Science at work in Ohio Schools" (Is the spelling genuine?)
"Not a few students in Catholic schools are suprised to discover that the Church does not reject evolutionary theory ..."
"... to force scientific categories onto the a biblical worldview ..."
"If the couples hearts were truly compatible, then a difference in habits should not matter."
"... that made cohabitating the path of least resistence."
"What saddend me most is the widespread belief that cohabitation is almost necessary before marriage ..."
"The argument that I hear most in favor of cohabitation is needing to find out if the partners are sexually compatable."
"Unless a person has a medical problem, a man and a woman are going to be sexually compatable."
"... unless our intentions are rooted in reconciling, our work will go for nought."



Monday, January 20, 2003
I don't know about the math scores, but the verbal SAT average is sure to decline.

El Martino tells it like it is.

"They're average SAT score is like 1390. I wonder how low I'm bringing down their average."
"What's the difference between love of God and love of our neigbors, which includes the saints."
"That's what makes it okay to bow down to saints and our supeiors in a sense of awe and love ..."
"Then the wold pack came in and tore me to pieces ..."
"... I draw the line when you want to make me into a sandwitch." (Desert demon?)
"I was thinking of getting my Msters and then working for ten years as a teacher trying off my debts."
"... it is true that being a teacher takes pasion and you shouldn't be on for the money."
"Heck, if you do become a techer for the money, you'd be dissapointed."
"Do you know anybody else whose Kazza folder consists mainly of Eminem, Rachmaninoff and Byzantine Chant?"