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Friday, January 03, 2003
Regressive, progressive, or obsessive, correct spelling isn't automatic.

Along with several other blogs mentioned below, "Not for Sheep..." may be added to Gerard's list.

"... you unashamedly added yours to mine to create a holy cacophany."
"... my mom and dad both saw the chef doing extremely unhygenic things while he was preparing their salads ..."

Thursday, January 02, 2003
A Look Inside Erin's Mind

What follows may be from the youngest blogger ever featured here.

"Scarey eh?" (My readers can judge for themselves.)
"Sign my guesmap and guestbook and all will be well!!" (almost all ...)
"School starts back tommorow."
"God exists, weather or not you believe in His existance ..."
"It's hard to imangine, as nice as it would be to think so."
"Truely awesome."
"I am going to make myself get up tommorow."
"I'm too embarssed."
"I'll go to morning mass tommorow." (Third time should help you remember that the word is "tomorrow".)
"They go to bed reluctantly only hoping to fall alseep so that the morning will come more swiftly."
"If you think about it, no words can come close to an accurate descrption of God."
"... they are, merciful, loving, redeeming, infinate."
"God is above too above our human words for us even to put a lable onto to Him such as loving."
"God transcends adjetives and descriptions. "
"These words are merely guesses around what God truely is."
"... how do we have the ability to recognize these outragous ways in which God fulfills promises?"
"... an answer that is completly not expected and we are expecting another answer ..."

Tuesday, December 31, 2002
Critiquing a Curmudgeon

"Almost-Pithy Punditry from a Predominantly "Papist" Perspective" can be seen here.

" ... in Harry Potter is a smorgasboard of purely fictional elements and fantasy characters ..." (high-fiber diet?)
".. Harry's magic wand is an echo of Disney "sorceror" Mickey Mouse ..."
".. than Leggos teaches them how to construct office buildings ..."
"... unlike J. R. R. Tokein’s masterful work of political metaphor and symbolic Christian [i]didactica[/i] ..."
"The Lord of the Rings --written by Tolkein with the warring nations of the WW2 conflict ..."
"... no statute of limitations on either statutory rape (consentual sexual relations ..."
"The Dixiecrats argued that their Southern brand of apatheid was strictly a state-by-state matter ..."
"... received tips that Pyongpang secretly sold Scud missiles to that Middle Eastern Muslim nation ..."
"... especially because they are highly inaccurate and indiscriminate when it comes to targetting."
"... allegedly serious politician, to come up with such cockamamy notions."
"... protecting us from other cosmic rays which cause people to do and say some pretty looney things."
"... trying to get Chevrolet to repent of the Mortal Sin of corportate sponsorship of religious music ..."

Monday, December 30, 2002
Smrtbloned writes a couple of poorly constructed sentences.

Molly's Musings include the following.

"Can you imagine having a shower stall with the word's "Good riddance!" write on a placard ..."
"Or how about leg irons and a burning cross next to Kwanza candles?"