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Friday, December 27, 2002
Does St. Anthony have something against advertising?

Regardless of this blogger's motive, Pyra will not be pleased.

"I wonder if added processionals technically counts as "liturgical dance"."
"He's always very accomodating, even when he's busy."
"So, I recieved confession."
"After midnight, my dad, my brother and I played a gaime of Scrabble."
"But, to tell the truth, this is turning out to be an awesome Christmas, definetely better than last year's."
"My friends can relate to the occurence of habitual sin and habitual confession."
"As a special treat to you, I've decided to link to this sermon by St. Anthony of Padua regaurding the third Sunday ..."

What's New w/ Jillian?

Visit her blog and find out.

"Bible Case (although it's courdoroy... eek!)"
"Mashed Potatoe mix (heehee)" (Dan Quayle is not amused.)
"... but mostly, I needed to pick who to confess to!"
"Oh well, insert smiley shaking it's head with grin on face."
"Current Musid: David Crowder Band ..."
"Though my mind defies my heart in suggesting it's possibilties ..."
"I need to be less judgementl and critical..."
"Have you ever heard that Steven Curtis Chapman song, "Magnificiant Obession"... " (I doubt that anyone has.)
"there would be no hope of restoration and and everything would already be lost ..."

Thursday, December 26, 2002
B Lindly writing sloppily results in a poor parody.

This blog tries to make fun of this St. Blog's parishioner.

"... cloak themself in righteousness...and not listen to any other insight ..." (Here's one. The word should be "themselves".)
"Dear Bishop Lennon, while you are no match for your predessesor ..."
"... and a few members of our groups obsession with things of the past. "
".. they might actually invision a Church the way God intended!" (That would truly be a miracle.)
"You may have seen some of the hetrodox priests we have surveilance on."
"Thru this Church crisis...the cartoonist have been busy. "
"Cardnial Law steps down"
"Going to Mass at the Cathedral made me fel like a REAL Catholic!"
"Holy Communion should only be recieved in the PROPER position...kneeling!"
"No other hands except those of a leaglly ordained priest shall touch the sacrament"
"Do not recieve communion from an extrordinary minister!"
"Do not alknowledge DEACONS in the Church...for they have become a farce!"
"Also, they alkowledge that there is an IMPOSTER Pope!"
"These heretic preists will get theirs!"
"... schismatic prists I don't agree with...that we're gonna git!" (Thank God that you have no beef with any priests.)
"Here is an audio peice from NPR's program 'All Things Considered'...where a local Diocisan priest ..."
"In case this article dissappears from the Globe is it below:"

However, after looking at the target of the parody, the errors listed above are starting to make some sense.

"Interesting that Fr. Bullock told Voice of the Faithful that his ommissions contributed to the cover up ..."
"The insensative journalists have suggested that raping a boy is somehow worse than raping a girl?"
"I would like to know which jounalists made these statements."
"... that their sexual history includes immoral behavoir that would be embarassing ..."
"... these "anything I decide is moral behavoir" homosexual predators and sexual active perverts ..."
"...her numbers (which she quotes from Richard Sipe) of 1/3 tto 1/2 is exaggerated ..."
"... teach children that people decide what is moral behavoir in their own minds."
"We seek the answers through the Bishop because we have been unsucessful in obtaining answers ..."
"Homosexuals and heterosexuals who are are sexually active outside of a Sacramental marriage ..."
"When he enters the seminary in good faith - commiting himself to chastity ..."
"... they teach these philosphies to our children ..."
"In the constant bizzare twist of logic ..."
"Go to your prayer groups, Knights of Columbus, ProLife Groups...whereever the Lord leads you."
"We are hopeful and encouraged that he confirmed that fostering unity in the Ardchdiocese of Boston ..."
"... mocking the need for a repentence and a Savior."
". My childen are serving crozier and mitre at the Cathedral on Sunday ..."
"Though their continue to maintain their reasons of existence ..."
"... the Nazi's are just nice folks who love their country."

Links Lojinks XV

Careless Guy, in the topmost post of December 19, fails to match the link's target with its text.

UPDATE: Careless Guy really needs some help.  He is apparently unable to click on a link and see what is at the target URL.

UPDATE 2: Three days later, the quick study still hasn't gotten in touch with reality.

UPDATE 3: Eureka! Next thing you know, C. G. will discover that water is wet.

[Editor's Note: I know what you suspicious types are thinking, and I don't blame you.
 This guy is simply too good of a foil for yours truly.
 So, if you don't believe me when I claim that I did not create this character, I won't hold it against you.]

Monday, December 23, 2002
Merry Christmas to all.  Humbug to a select few.

May Black Peter place a well-deserved heap of coal and switches in the stockings of
Eve Tushnet, Cacciaguida, Zorak, Father Jim Tucker, and Elinor Dashwood
for displaying the same foolishness as did the little friends of Virginia O'Hanlon.