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Thursday, November 28, 2002
I show a mistake (or two)

from Rosa Mystica.

"bury it in the sand somewhere, draw a complicated map, have it tattoed to my cat and live a peaceful life ..."
"I have two rings - 4 one one, 3 on the other."
"... with the impetus being to prevent perverts from destroying human evidence of ther crimes."
"This guy believes all of these ridiculous junk (like the Jesuits control the Masons and assasinated Lincoln)."
"His particular brand of Chistianity tells him it's OK to make up junk like this ..."
"He constanty challenges our young people to live at a higher level."
"The agressor is already in violation of an agreement that he disarm."
"Don't know how much I agree with that last satement ..."
"Nancy Pelosi - Conservatice Catholic??? That's how she desribed herself."

Wednesday, November 27, 2002
It's not Haugen's fault.

I can't blame him for the apostrophe catastrophe in this post.

[Editor's Note: Nice try, but no mere mortal can predict where yours truly will strike next.]

"We do the Haugen because of it's universality in the US Church."

Tuesday, November 26, 2002
Poop Check III

"Look,if your that uncomfortable ..." (No, I'm used to homonym confusion.)
"Justice requires that we use the least intervention to effect the greatest good." (Anyone notice a pattern here?)
"If I am able to effectively set a limit or teach a virute without spanking ..."
"... caused some people to be rescuers, while others became either collarborators ..."
"... fathers taking an active role in the teaching of moral lessons, and emphsized that the qualities ..."
"This parenting style negatively affected the respondents capacity for empathy ..."
"... just about any island in the Carribean ..."

Monday, November 25, 2002
Nicotine has never been shown to induce sleep.

There must be some other reason why nothing has appeared since November 7 on Man Bites Blog.

"Missouri voters rejected a huge tax on ciggarettes on Tuesday."
"... unpleasant to breathe and at worst cause helath problems for others."
"... opposing this bill was tnatamount to doing nothing while your teenage child started smoking."
"Since these wouldn't be regular apporpriations, they aren't subject to the ban."
"Never mind that supporters spent about 40 times as much as opposers."
"So we start visiting the site daily, and eventually the writer will say something we disagee with."
"I suppose is a pitcher was really determined not to deail with a hitter ..."
"... if a pticher throws 8 balls, the batter could be awarded 2 bases ..."
"Been a stressful time at work, and have been resting in the few spare momets I've had."
"... the reson why we have secaula abuse scandals ..."
"... how they need not join in with the pope's unambuiguous opposition to capital punishment."
"... how any Catholic could defend capital punshment as implmented here in the US."
"... an identified group (police officers, racial minorites) ..."
"The argument that capital punshment somehow affirms our respect for life is absurd."
"Have these folks considered that JPII has probably also read those documnets ..."
"Andy Petitte ptiches for the Yankees tonight ..."
"It's a cool visual, and seems even moreso when the Yanks are in their road grey uniforms."
"Three weeks into the seaon, and already two of my NFL predictions have already proven incorrect."
"I perdicted the Panthers would go 2-14, and they're already 3-0."
"As Christians, our first response to someone's suffereing must be compassion."
"The converse is also sometimes adavanced."
"If party Z is causing X's suffering, and policy A is designed to punsh party Z ..."
"... have compassion for Iraqi civilians hurt by the sanctions, and still believe the sanctions are neccesary."
"... having their names dragged through the mud, and still think that publicizing those names is neccesary."
"... it is difficult for me to imagin how one could have compassion for the unborn and favor abortion on demand."
"The cries for polcy changes can come from that, but not before."
"They need to get back to the free-wheeling stlye they used to have."
"...whether or not it's appropriate to to show graphic representations of the horror of 9/11 in the media."
"... like the servant in last week's parable, where we are unable to recieve grace."
"It's not a good place to be, and not a place where we shouild want to be."
"It's neccesary for us to acknowledge our anger ..."
"I guess it would make sense from a physics perspective, since the enrygy that goes toward projecting the helmet ..."
"... I was at the first Cardinals' game after the terrorist attacks last yearm ..."
"Now, did the Yankees' improibable run last year help NYC heal?"
"Sports can be a shortcut away from frim reality, and it might have happened faster."
"But I thik things would be quite similar if Jeremy Giombi slid ..."
"I would have been a bit happier had they won, but it didn't send me to the depths ther terrorists attacks did."
"Pitssburgh Steelers (11-5): Probably a repeat of last year's strong regular seaon ..."
"Pulling ahed of the LA Clippers, and nearing the Tamp Bay Devil Rays for Worst Franchise in Sports."