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Friday, November 22, 2002
I doubt that Martha Burk will be fooled.

Despite the following attempt at diversion from Pilgrimage, Hootie will probably still have to deal with protesters.

"I actually agree w/Jesse Jackson--in a sense--quit picking on Tiger Woods about Augusta.
I think they are picking on him as the major (really only?) black golfer on the PGA tour.
Why should Tiger forfeit a chance to win the Open for a third consecutive year, something no one else has done?"

Thursday, November 21, 2002
This is good to know.

Read the third comment attached to this post.

"This is, paradoxically, one of the things that makes the West so great."
"No, it's because ... he is egomaniacially trying to put his fingerprints on the Rosary ..."
"Running the fambly here and there ..."
"But apparently they could not resist the tempation to just burp off rounds rather than think."

Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Not A Boo-boo (but less than a dozen)

Nota Bene is the featured blog today.

"My first roomate at Notre Dame was an alum of Wheaton ..."
"The wedding was in the mid-moring and the reception was basically a short luncheon. No alchohol, no dancing."
"If this is true, then St. John's next words seem especially poingnant."
"At the head of the long rectangular room stands a large, raised seat, definetly throne-like yet plain, with no decorations."
"This is the vision that hte monks of St. Meinrad see each time that they enter their chapter room."
"Each of us who strive to live out our covenant wih the Lord should look to Zacchaeus as a model."
"... we are asleep in our own fantasy world when we conclude tha we are not sinners and so fail to repent."
"These two main readings from today's Mass show the apostles Peter and Paul travelling in boats."
"For it is is the ship of the Church that I and all the faithful travel on our pilgrimage to the Lord."
"The description of these services provided on the school's website seems rather inocuous."
"Oh, and thats not all." (It is for this post!)

Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Links Lojinks XI

The first link in this post at Quenta Nârwenion has an interesting URL. (INSERT WITTY REMARK HERE.)

UPDATE: Darn, the URL was fixed before I thought of a sufficiently witty remark.

UPDATE 2: It's about time you read this!

Monday, November 18, 2002