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Thursday, November 14, 2002
We should all appreciate our freedom of movement.

No parishioner exercises that right as vigorously as does Martin Farkus.
His latest blog is located here.

"OK, let's try this again: Some thoughts on the latest episode of "The Practise:"" (Practice makes perfect.)
"... everyone who hated the Church to begin with is trumpetting the sins of the Church at this time."


Everything is Grace

Wednesday, November 13, 2002
I still advocate adding a spelling section to the LSAT.

The following evidence of the need for this is furnished by The Mighty Barrister.

"Completely wiped the harddrive and installed again."
"... computer software has built-in obsolesence ...Bill Gates had his teeming minions build in a progressive obsolesence ..."
"... constantly ran into resistence to their photos ..."
"Well, no duh, Gallup....just look att he mid-term elections ..."
"Today's Sun published the following letters (exerpts) ..."
"The Washington Times' editorial board has come out against the the Baltimore Sun's treatment of Mr. Steele."
"I'm not a Luddite, but I know enought not to trust machines to do a job that can be done faster and more accurately ..."
"... she ran to her klan in Massachusetts for $1,000/plate lobster dinners ..."

Elementary, my dear Watkins. (and Stimpson, and Cunning-Trickster)

[Editor's Note: I do not hate her name, but since she thinks so ...]

The ladies of HMS Blog get their turn in the spotlight.

"If they want to become involved as voluteers, that's great."
"... a reading of 12th century French poetry, a slide show of Guatamala, a lecture on antique Japanese vases....But still."
"If there are any of you in the general vacinity of Eugene, Oregon who would like to come to a free dinner ..."
"... we would not be able to accuaretely discern the middle position."
"... a few years later (not necessarily a few millenium later) ..."
"Like the Shroud of Turin, some things may never be proven scientifically beyond any possiblity of any doubt whatsoever."
"... the Texas killer who has been diagnosed as a paranoid schitzophrenic."
"On the ballot was a measure to eliminate racially offensive language from the Oregon constituion."
"The things of the Ceasar still very much concern me."
"Redbook, once a staple in my childhood home now has article titles that rival Cosmopolitian!"
"A grace-filled life and not anothe insipid article about "Will & Grace"!"
"However, he deserves much more, so on this day I will publically commend him for being the best husband ..."
"I guess I'm just not very politically saavy ..."
".. not to mention, using the UN with its unamimous vote against Saddam ..."
"... the Congress is in fact reponsible to the citizenry, and its member ... are subject to the rule of law."
"This organization, which is non-demoninational, but definitely Christian ..."

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Just Balance?

Lest it appear that I'm picking on the psychotherapist, today I'm showcasing a blogger who has criticized him.

"... people who prefered peace to fighting nevertheless destroyed European totalitarianism and Japanese imperialism."
"Here then is my probelm ..." (Indeed!)
"Send help to Suzie Terrell in Lousianna."
"Sorry, can't help revelling in word play sometimes." (As for myself, I enjoy word play.)
"There is wide disagreement about the actual meaning of a diagnosis of ADHD, and the appropriate course of treament."

Monday, November 11, 2002
Poop Check II

"... the promotion and coddling pedophile priests, the spreading ofthe disease ..." (I looked up "ofthe" here, but to no avail.)
"Pro-abortion escorts as cha,cery employees .."
"A recent report stated that one in five Catholics are witholding monies from the collection plate."
"But if you are Nihil Obstat, who as an impoverished, embittered--and apparently, undermedicated--English major ..."
"... then the best thing you can do starve the chancery to death."