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Friday, November 08, 2002
introducing Poop Check

The time has come for me to face reality.
Although all St. Blog's parishioners use American English creatively, the psychotherapist is in a class by himself.
Therefore, this new feature is dedicated to the maximum leader of HMS Blog.
Long may he rain! reign!

"PATRICK MADRID--AKA THE SPANIARD--WELCOME ME" (Is English his second language?)
"... Oh great and exalted Emily, are more knoweldgeable or righteously conservative than Dubya?" (How's Dubya's spelling?)
"Appropos of my question to Woodeene about the general uselessness of the Democratic party ..."
"I am sick of feeling like a second class citizen because I have religious beliefs."
"Cleary, these cultures are not concerned with protecting women ..." (That wasn't clear to me.)
"... they are most interested in protecting men from the percieved sexual wiles, power and impurity of women. "
"... the New York Times piece I refered to earlier."
"... Oprah magazine discusses cases of 11 year old girls performing fellation on school busses." (NO COMMENT!)
"Here is what the intelectual atheist elite have to say for themselves." (Fine, but what do the smart unbelievers think?)
"... the family is suffering from head colds, nausea, back problems, migraines, and exhaustion (casued by ..."
"... my analysis of your site displays a whopping 20:1 ratio of Spock to Chesteron references ..."
"Thank you for taking the time to continue this conversation desite your palpable irritaion with me." (Hey, I'm having fun!)
"You may also be interested to know that I also did an internet seach on Fr Ken ..." (I'm interested in how you did it.)
"Yvette, between you, me, and the lampost, I want to tell you ..." (I'll bet that the third party is a snitch.)
"Only five percent of the population identitfies itself as non-believing ..."
"... I don't remember that Francis De Sales story making it into the first Loyoal Kids Book of the Saints." (Neither do I.)
"... back to regular friday blogging (i.e., brisk pace, but somwhat fewer posts over all.)" ("Regular" is a subjective term.)
"I'm getting more manly just thinking about chooping wood. Everbody now!"
"And a follow-up question, why haven't we been pusuing those lines of accountability?" (*shrug*)

a couple of dull spots on the ragged edge

It's been a while, but here's another one for Gerard's list.

"Conservativism in a political sense simply means that people who earn the money should be entitled to more of it ..."
"... it's goal is not to please as many people as possible. It's mandate is to follow God's laws and guard the faithful."

En garde, Envoy!

The denizens of this new blog should forget about the revolution and watch their language.

"Good little apologist, who just wanted to pick up a case of bread for lunch sees opportunity for evangelizm."
"We had a neet little agreement going; we went to the Protestant Friday evening sing-a-long for an hour or two ..."
"Patrick Madrid, in keeping with his magnimous capacity for charity and good will ..."
"... our time-honored policy of leniency and magnanimity (notwhithstanding the florid hyperventilations emmited by ..."
"... when Envoy Encore made it's appearance last week."
"On the other other, the perpetual anger of most pro-abortion activists I come across is an emotional downer. "
"While Mrs. Shaheen prattled on about (sigh) her committment to ..."
"Many of Glendon's comments ... about lay "ministy" and the role of the laity within the local church ..."
"Euthenasia had not yet become a political issue, and none of the candidates were looking to legalize it."
"Should he spend loads of time and effort developing arguements to prove that something isn't there?"
"The actual atheists do not give any of it any thought at at all."
"I face the hoardes of these comfortable authentic atheists with fear and trembling."
" ... the rest of the country vote tomorrow for the candidates for governer, U.S. representative, and U.S. Senate ..."
"He set up Sunday Schools, focussed on Catechesis and was on fire with the zeal of the gospel."
"First, I can sympathize with you vis-a-vis your dad's belt preventing you from engaging in youthful indescretions."
"... kinda like the subtle difference between Jimmy Swaggert and Benny Hinn ..."
"Again, I am stupified." (You certainly are.)

Thursday, November 07, 2002
Links Lojinks X

Kind soul that he is, the psychotherapist has initiated an "adopt an atheist" program.

Unfortunately, his attempts to link to email addresses looked like

The correct form is

Tuesday, November 05, 2002
When Group Blogs Attack!

Catholic Light/Lite/Moose/Meese now features several folks who use the language in interesting ways.

"Like I said in my previous post, I think it would be great if all Christians threw off the retail sales-imposed calender."
"... one insitution is infallible and one wants you to believe that the styles of the 80's are making a comeback."
"A lot like the end of the first act of the MET's prodction of 'Tosca' in other words."
"... the pink candle on the Advent wreath, to teach young children about a special day on the Liturgical calender."
"In fact, throughout the ages the Benedictines were often jokingly refered to as the Order of Saintly Brewers."
"We quickly became friends and, prior to beggining my studies ..."
"... Kevin tossed out the idea ... about organizing a Traditional Monastic Beer pilgimige ..."
"The northern and midwester industrial states used to send plenty of pro-life liberal Democrats to Congress ..."
"That said, I assume that it's possible that a priest would offer Mass in Latin without wanting to advertize the fact."
"I was sure this was our Pastor... he had delivered a very fine homiliy on this very subject two weeks ago."
"Women who are (as I was) sick of all the pablum and wishy-washy morality offered to them ..."
".. totally faithful to the Magisterium, with a calender of Saint's days each issue ..."
"You cannot look at the sceen and deny what is there."
"If you don't subscibe to Crisis, then you missed it: ..."
"It should be availible for perusal next month on the website, but this is an issue every Catholic should own."
"This wasn't a problrem back in Pennsylvania, where I use to live about four houses down from Bob Casey ..."
"People suddently remember that Bishop John Smith is the same bishop who ordained Uncle Fred ..."
"Patriarch Michael of Constantinople ...was also not to popular with the civil authorities."
"... and general opinion seems to have assigned me to that happy catagory ..."
"... other than that is is a true ecumenical paradise in our extended family."
"... the pianist ... dropped his music, fumbled around for it, realized he had the wrong score ..."
"The preacher ... proceeded to assure all of those present that he had 'couselled' with the happy couple ..."
"Christ insituted a Church that cannot fail, it's member can fail and often do." (Woo hoo! Triple play!)
"The Russians have not indentified the type of gas used. "
"... where the U.S. is always the racist agressor, and the enemy is always the helpless victim."
"... guilty pleasure I derive ... isn't from the vulgur language or the occasional descriptive sex scene ..."
"In fact, I find both a distrction from his otherwise gifted story-telling."
"Rather, my weakness for his novels is a little more triumphalist than that."
"... Catholic clergy in his novels as generally intellegent protagonists who ..." (are better spellers than that.)
"The sewer drains into a gulley that drains into a large pond across the street."
"He was embarassed and, I think, somewhat frightened."

Monday, November 04, 2002