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Thursday, October 24, 2002
Links Lojinks IX

This example comes from a blogger who appears to be fluent in Elvish.

"A Blog
The title is a quotation from St. Philip could I not link to it ?" (This is how!)

And Then ?

[Editor's Note: 41)now 42)I may be obsessive, but in a monolingual manner.]

Victor's spelling bot is on the Lam again.

Dad can still be proud of his son's ebay selling skills, general moral integrity, et cetera.

"Gre Popcak's take on Fr. Ken going all Yoko Ono on his buddies is quite good." (Even I get his first name right!)
"Fr. Kaucheck ... expects to be fully disciplined ... for the embarassment the letter caused." (What about the scandal?)
"Keep your God and your ethics out of the board room!" (Morality and lumber don't mix.)
"A few years ago, you couldn't give Genesis cartidges away."
"What our area Detroit theives lack in flair and creativity ..." (and spelling ability...)
"... whenever you wave a micropohone in front of them you're bound to wind up with a bona fide fruit ..."
"... doesn't count becuase it didn't exist."
"... she was in favor of paying reparations to the decendants of former slaves ..."
"... the penumbra of issues which relate to the the whole ..." (Hey, how often do you use the word penumbra?)
"Bestialtiy, contrary to what any laicized theologians may think, IS NOT FUN FOR THE GOAT!" (ABSOLUTELY NO COMMENT!)
"...the same one right here in town which saw its class of semiarians ..."
"... a scholar ... who would deliver devastating reviews of the books being written in acadamia ..." (by brainy broads?)

Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Oh, the Sheame!

The psychotherapist's nemesis gets his chance to shine.

"But at least its a more plausible line of attack ..."
"... Queensryche fans and Bach aficianados, smokers and non-smokers ..."
"... since there's nothing particulary contrary to Scripture in that ..."
"But I'm glad we've clariifed that the Schism is over." (You only think you have.)
"... I still have my indviduality in which I delight Him ..."
"... sometimes they are treated as thiough they are attacking the Church."

If you copy text from another site, it wouldn't hurt to check it for correct spelling.
"When he arrives with his family he recieves a hostile reception from locals."
"... he swings down on a chain knocking the monster into a sulpher pit and thus his demise."

Tuesday, October 22, 2002
There's a signpost up ahead.

Your next stop is The Inn at the End of the World.

"It's hard to root agains the Twins." (I don't even know how.)
"Switiching him out with Tim Salmon seemed a good move ..."
"What kind of a low-lfie wants to wish any more misery into their lives?"
"... I do actually look at the news sections of the mornining papers."
"11 October is the feast in the traditional calendard of the Motherhood of Mary."
"... the doctrine that the Blessed Virgin Mary, who gve birth to Jesus, was truly the Mother of God."
"In an encyclical Pius XI, morerover, underscored the principal teachings of the General council at Ephesus ..."
"Like certian Christians of the primitive Church, they sought martyrdom ..."
" ... as the supreme testimony of their love for Christ and as the best means of spreadng the true faith."
"... all speak of that passion of wonder which Aristotle taught is the beginning of philosphy. "
"... study both of what poetic knowledge is, using the methods and vocabulary of scholastic philosphy ..."
"And a marvellous section, too long for quotation here ..."
"... throw out the textbooks, smash the televison, and disconnect the internet ..."
"... inherently compatible with familiy and residential uses." (The 3rd Circuit Court is innocent in this case.)
"... it could make the concept of the nieghborhood parish impossible in newer areas."
"from there they were brought to toruture ..."
"Was anybody's spritual life irreparably harmed by it?"
"A great many people are competely fed up with it." (Sore losers!)
"...some of my thoughts and expresses some others that had not occured to me."

Monday, October 21, 2002
Take an underground pilgrimage to proper English usage.

You may begin your journey here.

"Welll, he was greated with a sudden applause by about half the congregation."
" ... lead, shepherd the souls, quit dumping responsiblities off on staffs and the laity."
"Yes, they need staffs that will include clergy and laity to do some ministerial or beaucratic work."
"Shame on lawyers harming the disocese and its people ..."
"Iraq monitors and controls info that foreign journalists relay from Bagdad."
"Since some one has been harrassing the film-maker ..."
"So, the anti-war leftits do not think him a threat."
"Ineresting too was the dangerous notion that the student body as a whole could vote ... "
"As the FIRE representative said in teh article ..."
"Here are transcripts of the press confrence on which Mowbray's latest report on State's view was based."
"Fox are the least sympethetic, I am sure." (That makes one of us.)
"Uner current law, had it been followed, few of the highjackers should have been allowed in the U.S."
"Derbyshire dissects the vulgarity and reprehensiveness [?a word?] ..."
(It's a word because you use it as a word, but unlike "reprehensibleness", it is not in the lexicon of Standard Written English.)