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Friday, October 18, 2002

The Fabric of Society is Here, and no weekend can change that.

"Friday's don't mean as much ever since my dear husband returned to classes."
"Did he know that he was taking on the responsbility, not only of a wife, but of six children ..." (I don't think so.)
"... Christ said in the section immediately afterward that "if someone sins aainst you", it is your duty ..."
"You will be surpised how easy it becomes ..." (I was flabbergasted.)
"Some might say our openess to life has consequences, and we deserve what we get."

Thursday, October 17, 2002
Some surely have thought that the name should be mine,

but here are some boo-boos by The Contrarian:

"... heap gratutious and juvenile abuse against that person ..."
"I hesistate even noting that this is happening ..."
"If you want to join, unfortuantely, the link in the blog entry below doesn't work."
"it is an old mailing list from the early days of the internet still exists ..."
"As some of you may know, the Catholic Church has gievn interim approval for an Anglican Use liturgy ..."
"The Red Mass is also an irresistable magnet for kooks who are angry at the Church for whatever reason. "
"... stoners, rednecks, and punks who had their own events, but I knew little about their activites."
"Those Catholics who feel beleagured by liturgical monstrosities and misguided decisions by their bishops ..."

Wednesday, October 16, 2002
This is why the psychotherapist was expelled from the Royal Numismatics Society.

Poopchek deserves no gold coins for the following faux pas on HMS Blog.

"... questions that the US has the sovreign right to do whatever it believes is in its own best interest. "
"... accompanying that sovreign right is the moral obligation to pursue that national interest in a manner ..."
"... sovreign right to pursue what it believes ... in a manner that offends the best interests of other sovreign nations."
"... not an ignorant attempt of the Church or Bishops to deny the sovreignty of the US or any other nation."
"Sovreignty and the international collaboration called for by the application of Global Personalism ..."

Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Apostrophe Apostasy

The punctuation mark that gets no respect takes it on the chin at a new blog, Magisterial Fidelity.

"Domenico Bettinelli reponds to my diatribe on why I am including laity as an equal partner in crime ..."
"The priest's didn't do their job."
"I dont know...funny thing is - twelve fisherman gave us ours."
"... get VOTF togethy to publicly pledge the Oath of Fidelty to the Magisterium."
"It would also help if you sat down and read the documents of Vatican II, the Catechism, a few encylicals ..."
"CORPUS and Call to Action foks are being invited to meetings to discuss 'catholicism'."
"Please forgive the link maddness."
"Proclaimations that social justice and "love of neighbor" will subvert the Magisterium shall find no soil with Faithful Voice."
"Lets define Roman Catholicism in the presence of an Archdiocesean official and agent of the RCC."
"... the new focus is religious entaintment, funky music, the "community" and the Ressurection."
"Our teachings on mortal sin, confession, and sacreligious Communion have been silenced ..."

Monday, October 14, 2002

Sunday, October 13, 2002
Please don't alert Justin Katz as to what I'm publicizing.

[Editor's Note: Check out the comments attached to this post to understand the previous sentence.]

This may be the first appearance here of Dust in the Light.

"Personally, I think the advantages far outweight the disadvantages ..."
"Reward this man's bravery... and immitate it, if you can." (I can't.)
"... the essay at hand that dips below the line above which is pure, dismissable hatred of Catholics:"
"As for "to boldy go," I'd put forth an analysis ...."
"Five people protested against war in Iraq by hanging out in Hillary Clinton's Manhatten office for nine hours."
"That Which Is Is Not Only That, but Also Not That Which Is Not" (It depends on what the definition of "Is Is" is.)
"... preaching while ladeling out food to the starving is merely the form that forcing religion takes ..."