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Friday, October 04, 2002
Leave it to a canon lawyer to invent a new "ism".

from a new blog entitled In Light of the Law: A Canon Lawyer's Blog:

"Catholic politicians who support abortionism involve themselves in objective manifest grave sin (Evangelium vitae, 73)."

Thursday, October 03, 2002
Links Lojinks VII

The link in this post by Kathy Shaidle is pure B.S.

UPDATE: "The Devil source site's codes made me do it!" - Flip Wilson Kathy Shaidle

"... refusing to distribute buttons calling for an end to suicide bombings in Isreal ..."

Xavier = Satan?
"... the Superior court rejected the school board's request for a preliminiary injunction ..."
"I bet the alumni- a vertiable who's who of Quebec politics and society ..."



Wednesday, October 02, 2002
The Trouble With Trios

Three new blogs join the fun.

The Fabric of Society is Here.

"You will be surpised how easy it becomes ..."
"Some might say our openess to life has consequences ..."
"Don't suppose it would meet the standards for polotical correctness, huh?"
"To be Catholic parents begins with the openess to life ..."

The Contrarian

"... critical legal theorists and their fellow-travellers ..."
"Debka also reported last fall that terrorists had smuggled two two suitcase nukes into the United States."
"... the anti-Cardinal Law protestors at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston have been harrassing worshippers ..."
"... the deaconesses were set apart by a quite different "ordination" prayer and other other occasions ..."
"What makes this all the more aggravating is that my apartment is an messy efficiency."


"... I think I might be one of the ones who doesn't get it."

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Monday, September 30, 2002
Trust the truth (after verifying correct spelling).

This new parishioner may be found here.

" ... I will have failed to live up to my responsibilities to such a grevious degree that I will be worthy of damnation."
(Don't be so hard on yourself - having only a single misspelling on your site is praiseworthy at St. Blog's.)