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Friday, September 27, 2002
"Just the facts, ma'am." - Sergeant Joe Friday

Eve Tushnet failed to keep abreast of the truth in this post.
As Jay Nordlinger noted, "the story is complete and total bunk".

Thursday, September 26, 2002
"He can run, but he can't hide." - Joe Louis

The Brown Bomber never met The Mighty Barrister.

Click here for one part of his blog's archive, here for another part.

The URL of the blog is, but there is a permissions problem.
UPDATE: The correct, working URL is now

"Of course, I'm just waiting for my first mention in Nihil Obstat, the official imprimatur of all Catholic blogs."
(I had to find a way into your blog first!)

"Mosignor Andrew R. Baker of the Vatican's Congregation of Bishops in Rome ..."
"... tempered with kindness, understanding, foregiveness, and reconciliation ..."
"Jack Connors, a prominent and rich benefactor of the Boston archidiocese ..."
"Efforts to "Catholicize" these universities have been met with resistence from ..."
"... the College of Holy Cross (a Jesuit university in Worcester, Massachusettes) ..."
"The whole point about the Pentacost was that people of many different languages understood each other ..."
"... the whole Pentecostal belief system is absolutely, irreconciably and diametrically opposed to our Catholic beliefs."
"... an adopted child is "wombed" in a coccoon of blankets and pillows ..."
"The House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution condeming this practice by a vote of 397-0."
"Apparently, 70% of the clinics that don't offer the drug will make a free referal to one that does."
"... the story was manufactured by a gay activitist in support of the activitist's agenda, according to this article."
"... comunication that fosters communion should be the goal of this site ..."
"... let the Church decide their eclesiastical punishment."
"The Archdiocese is signalling that it is also looking to make sure ..."
"Gee, I missed out (again!) on the latet Internet sensation ..."
"... the abortifactant RU-486 Death Pill has been used by more than 100,000 women."
"... referred me to information regarding the Charasmatic Renewal of the Church, especially as led by Steubenville."
"I told her afterword that she had a wonderful voice ..."
"... categorized sexual abuse as a lifelong "psychogical malady rather than a moral weakness" and said ..."

Wednesday, September 25, 2002
Wow, I noticed!

Kevin Miller should be happy with this mention of his new blog - I did spell his name correctly.

"Thus, the Catechism of the Catholic Church structures its discussion of specifical moral issues ..."
"... the importance of religous freedom"

Tuesday, September 24, 2002
Uh Oh, Old Oligarch!

I am quite surprised to have just found a number of errors at his blog.
I have gone over the Painted Stoa with a fine-toothed comb several times previously and come up empty.
Perhaps he has contracted some mysterious ailment from long-term exposure to the embittered mantis.

"... What plagiariasm is ..."
"The economy of cheating is remarkably effecient these days ..."
"... Fewer are probaby caught because they are intelligent enough ..."
"... another annoying regulation to which they must comply to satify potential employers."
"... moral and conceptual relativism are totally inimicable to the idea of a liberal arts education ..."
"The filtched paper is a magnificent symbol of this pre-professional ersatz liberal arts education ..."
"I couldn't help dounting whether the apparent intelligence of the student was really nothing more than ..."
"... the paper had been filtched."
"Is this this what you're looking for?"
"Then you have to face the uneqivocal fact that good people die for no good reason at the hands of evil men ..."
"The dainty pleasures of bougeiose flatlandia are over for you ..."

The collegiate cheaters among you should know that the site with free essays is here.

Monday, September 23, 2002
Please don't boycott proper English.

No, Mr. Betts, noting the correct spelling of the name of your blog is not a potshot.
However, the previous sentence may qualify as one.

from a one-note blog:

".. matters for others of far more competence than either him or I."
"... his supposed acquiesance to the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor ..."
"How does publically holding to any of these views advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ?"
"I am submitting this dispute with Bob to the judgement of the local ordinary ..."
"Yet because of their past affliation with Sungenis and CAI ..."
"Nihil Obstat: Mosignor Carroll E. Satterfield, Censor Liborum" (!!!)
"Mark Shea ... has publically rejected at his own weblog the views from CAI's article."
"... anyone else affliated with his "ministry"."
"... nor are they given any creedence by mainstream scholarship. "
"President Franklin D. Roosevelt ... is the target of this pamplet's ire."
"Bob's instransigence has only become more rigid."
"The most interesting scheduled event though, is definately this one:"
"... now it's off to "villify" some other hapless self-destructive Joe ..."
"The words in quotes should look familar to Bob... " (I doubt it.)
"This is especially appropos ..." (See above comment.)
"What Bob did here is unconsciable." (Like I said ...)
"Bob has chosen to play the roles of "Jekyl and Hyde" ..."
" ... your names are affliated with the views he is now disseminating."
"Foreward by: Scott Hahn, PhD"
"... can you too hold to the the extreme views found in it?"

One pilgrim walks (and stumbles).

Is ONION still mad at being removed from the list of suspects?
There must be some reason why new blogs, like this one, aren't being added to the directory of St. Blog's Parish.

"This has become a rather famous book among political prgressives ..."
"I originaly was going to skip posting on this day ..." (Always go with your instincts.)
"All you have to do now is listen in any coffeshop ..."
"... are the mainstream here now as profesionals and farmers ..."

Elementary, my dear Watkins.

This post is the first one I've seen from this "contributor" to HMS Blog.

"Now, of coarse, there are some who don't care what the USCCB has to say ..." (There's no need to be harsh!)