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Thursday, September 12, 2002
Kat's sister is out of the box.

The sibling of the lively writer may now be added to the directory.
Theresa Browning has her own blog here.
She deserves some sort of award for uncovering so many Blogger bugs so quickly.

"Everytime I try to do a bit of personalization on this blog it starts freaking out!!!!"
"On the vacany announcement it had a certain salary range ..."
"They couldn't even negociate." (Neither could I.)
"He was sculking around our building ..."
"Its amazing the things people buy their pets ..." (It's amazing how common this error is.)
"I'm am so grateful for where I work now." (How do you feel in the afternoon?)

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Links Lojinks VI

A post dated September 9 on Vita Brevis has a link ("Bob's site") with a really nasty URL.
I'm guessing that the link should have pointed here.

Monday, September 09, 2002
spreading the wealth

I've highlighted the boo-boos of several folks at HMS blog, but this is the rookie appearance of Rachel Watkins.

"To add a bit to the discussion I thougth ..."
" order to strenghten their own faltering marriage."
" "Other Woman?", our friend asked incredously."
"... our routine did not include most of the children shows ..."

Nice try, though.

In an patently transparent ploy to get his name removed from the list of suspects,
the psychotherapist at HMS Blog tosses out the following gems.

"This article from the Christian Science Monitor ..." (A link would be helpful!)
"... who would I get to serve canape's at my party this weekend?"
"... to my publishers backlist ..."
"... this very bizzare situation ..."
"...recent findings in psychology that demonstate the how and why ..."
"The Pastoral Solutions Insitute serves Europe ..."
"... is not quite but sort-of overuled by the Archbishop of Canterbury ..."
"Haristyles and cats?!?"
"... was not Bush's idea but an idea propogated ..."
"Those of you who insist that there is enough justication are like ..."
"I was initially in favor of an attack on Iraq and became irritated ..."
"... I saw an opportnity to tie things together."
"... becuase they are opposed to the idea of war ..."
"... the prinicples of a just war ..."
"... this action against Iraq aint one." (Perhaps, but that ain't the way it's spelled!)
"... Hussein was a despicible weenie ..."
"... an invasion is uncessesary."
"... it seeems to me ..."
"... the Bishop's documents ought to be the lense ..."
"... the only permissable objective of a just war is to redress the injury."
"The ulimate goal of a just war is to re-establish peace."
"Civilians are never permissable targets of war ..."
"I will withold her name ..."
"In his segment on Heart Mind and Stregth Radio ..."
"... national policy which indicidual diocese may or may not practice."
"The following is from LB Graves of Rachel's Vinyard."
"I can sum up my respose in one word."

Sunday, September 08, 2002
a little hope for higher education in America, indeed

from a post by the Cranky Professor:

"... California Statue University system setting limits to the number of repeats-before-dismissal ..." (Marble ain't cheap!)