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Saturday, September 07, 2002
K-B toys with English again.

from this post:

"I immediately took antihistimine so hopefully I'll live to blog again." ( .. and perhaps even admit when you're wrong.)
"For those of you who are interested, all spiders are venemous."

Friday, September 06, 2002
At least, get the quotes right!

This fellow is shaping up to be a worthy successor to the Marquis de Misspelling.
He mangles the English language not only in his own writing, but also in the words of others.

"... I think it is a bit naive and presumptious."
"I recognize it, but I try and recorrect the course."

"This then is what it meas to be born again of water and Spirit ..."
"... the sould of the baptized may be illuminated ..."

"... we all have to recognize that there is no short road to reconcilation and recovery."
"You must remember that you have been empowerd by Christ ..."
"... but uopn the power of Christ ..."

for The Record

Although you can no longer find this blog in the directory of St. Blog's Parish, it is still around, but at a new URL.

"He lables Krenn and Biffi "right-wingers" ..."
" not with philisophical opinion ..."
"Does the editor expect Catholics to belive ..."
"In fact one not even need attend a a wild charismatic mass ..."
"Since John Paull II neutered the Bishops's Conferences' with Apostolos Suos (an authority they never should of had ..."
"... Keeler wants us to belive ..."
"Society of St. John Attonery's Release Statement"
"Mershon Rebuttle To Fr. Krisman"
"... Father Krisman appears to disparrage ..."

Thursday, September 05, 2002
The psychotherapist may have another patient.

In this post, Woodeene Koenig-Bricker (obviously not a pseudonym) implies that I misspelled her name.
In fact, the strange creature known as "JB O" twice mangled her first name in a post on this bizarre blog.

Everyone at St. Blog's breathlessly awaits her retelling of the fascinating story of how she got that moniker.

Links Lojinks V

There are two bad links in this post on Amy Welborn's blog.
The links ought to look like the following:

Red Rabbit
The Gospel According to Tony Soprano ("You linkin' to me?")

Wednesday, September 04, 2002
It's a problem for yet another suspect.

from this post by the suspect at the top of the list:

"... I'm used to a fair amount of Native American art finding it's way into some expressions of Christianity."

It's even a problem at The Corner.

After reading this post, you may question why Rod Dreher remains on the list of suspects.

"It's last bishop resigned earlier this year ..."

the fourth fact

No mantis, embittered or not, can rightfully claim to be my spouse.

Mark Shea
Charlie Hatchko
Eve Tushnet
Karl Schudt's wife
Gregory Popcak
James Akin
The Old Oligarch
Rod Dreher
Amy Welborn
Kathryn Lively
one of Victor Lams' robots
Tony Alamo
Peter Nixon
None Of The Above

Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Hmmmm ...

There is currently only one misspelling on the blog of Gregg the Obscure - makes you think, doesn't it?

"The victims' fellow-parishoners;"

the third fact

I am not married to Karl Schudt.

Here is the Dirty Dozen and the Fearsome Foursome:

Mark Shea
Charlie Hatchko (fingered, with the last name, by Pete Vere)
Eve Tushnet
Karl Schudt's wife
Gregory Popcak
James Akin (fingered in a comment on the blog of Gregg the Obscure)
The Old Oligarch
Rod Dreher
Amy Welborn
Kathryn Lively
one of Victor Lams' robots
Tony Alamo
Peter Nixon (Is this a diversion?)
None Of The Above

I've been Akin to find a few more errors.

from a blog that seems strangely familiar:

"The employment of the word as a term of abuse is now the dominate English usage ..."
"There are no objective scale of authority."
"... it refers to using various discipline to control ..."
"... there has been a movement among translators of ecclesastical documents ..."