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Friday, August 30, 2002
Corrections and Thoughts

from a blog by a Brit:

"British Goverment attempts to hijack ..." (Although we may disagree with its actions, it's still a government.)
"... the United Kindom is most emphatic about ..." (See above.)
"... should mke us all lie awake at nght." (I hope that Senator Brownback wrote "make".)
" ...the beauty of creation testifys to God." (I suspect that even the British spell it "testifies".)

the second fact

I am Catholic. [Editor's Note: Gee, what a shocker!]

Bye bye, bead boy.

Unless Pete Vere can find some really obscure provision in the Code of Canon Law,
Gerard Serafin no longer needs to be wary of his Pekingese.

The lineup now looks like this:

Mark Shea
Eve Tushnet
some guy in Pennsylvania (going, going, ...)
Karl Schudt's wife
Gregory Popcak
The Old Oligarch
Rod Dreher
Amy Welborn
Kathryn Lively
one of Victor Lams' robots
Tony Alamo
None Of The Above

WWWhat ?

I doubt that Peter Nixon really believes that the World Wildlife Fund is concerned with the brouhaha at HMS Blog.

UPDATE: Peter Nixon obviously did not see a similar post on this blog, featuring our departed friend, Old Reliable.
He is actually referring to "World Wrestling Entertainment", so named after "getting the F out" several months ago.

Thursday, August 29, 2002
Links Lojinks IV

Oh dear ... now the lojinks are getting recursive!
In the previous post, I copied the URL of HMS Blog over to the link to Mr. Serafin's list.
The URL is OK now. [Editor's Note: Why does that sentence look so funny?]

Link Lojinks III

Gregg the Obscure was apparently so taken with his theory that I am Gregory Popcak that
he neglected to check the links in the post dated August 28.

He also failed to point out the following very interesting fact.
Vita Brevis and HMS Blog are listed next to each other in Gerard Serafin's directory.

the first fact

I am a biological life form.

Don't despair, Mister Lams. Although your minions will never be able to display my finely honed wit,
there is some hope. If your mind is not consumed by impure thoughts about telepathic temptresses,
one of your robots may pass the Turing test in fifty years or so.

Taking into account the addition of Gregory Popcak by Gregg the Obscure, here is the updated list of suspects:

Mark Shea
Eve Tushnet
some guy in Pennsylvania (If I don't get a name soon, he will be placed under the umbrella of None Of The Above.)
Karl Schudt's wife
Gregory Popcak
The Old Oligarch
Rod Dreher
Amy Welborn
Kathryn Lively
one of Victor Lams' robots
Tony Alamo
None Of The Above

Wednesday, August 28, 2002
... and the blogs go on ...

Please welcome Rosa Mystica to St. Blog's Parish.

"...not in it's mere occurrence ..."
"This is so bizaare ..." (It's just another boo-boo to me.)
"... opposed to focussing us on Christ."

from "An email from a friend in med-school in Mexico":

"I seriously droppped the arm ..."
"... it was smelly, gross, erie, and even gruesome." (Lake Michigan is no prize, either.)
"... it's so wierd ..."
"If I have to go thorugh this hell I'm taking all of you with me." (No way, Jose.)

I also invite you to Meet Joe Convert.

"In the verses the precede this one ..."
"You rarely see someone switch polital parties ..." (I never have.)
"... a whole bunch of us are wrong abotut some very important stuff."
"Coming from a sort of spritual relativism ..."
"... their undending song of praise.
"Contrition, adoration, petitiion, thanksgiving ..."
"... Mrs. Joe had The Talk on her own with an aquaintance ..."
"I think I was stuggling with my faith ..."
" friends and aquaintances ..."
"... I'll support her as she's love and supported me ..."


Enemy of the Church?
life with st. francis desales

UPDATE: Mr. Serafin: The "Life with St. Francis de Sales" link ought to be removed from the main list.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Who shot J.R.? Who loves ya, baby? Who cares?

What you really want to know is, who am I?

I have seen the following suspects fingered on various blogs:

Mark Shea
Eve Tushnet
some guy in Pennsylvania (Is this Charlie?)
Karl Schudt's wife

I put on my thinking cap and came up with some more suspects:

ONION - just look at that face
The Old Oligarch - find any misspellings on his blog?
Rod Dreher - allows him to keep his job and strike back at critics freely
Amy Welborn - described here as "lovely and talented", then curses Nihil Obstat in (perhaps) a classic diversionary tactic
Kathryn Lively - similar reasoning
one of Victor Lams' robots - imagine what something programmed by him could do
Tony Alamo - if you must know why, take a look at this
None Of The Above

Future posts will contain facts about yours truly.
Some names will thereby fall off the list of suspects, while others may be added to it.
Stay tuned.

Monday, August 26, 2002
the Brooklyn Bridge of St. Blog's

Are you as bored as I am over the Rod Dreher tempest featured so prominently on several blogs?
I have a suggestion. Go over to Chez Shea and look at the comments on several recent posts unrelated
to the controversial Wall Street Journal article. You may find it quite humorous or rather sad to see
just how gullible your fellow parishioners can be.

UPDATE: In my travels through St. Blog's, I've discovered that a couple of other sites now
have comments that were not really written by me.
I can at least be grateful that no heresy has yet been advocated in any of these comments.
Anyhow, I suppose it just makes the gradual unmasking of my identity even more interesting.


According to the lively writer, you may enjoy your favorite beverage now,
as I am publicizing a blog not yet on Gerard Serafin's list: Oblique House.

"... show my the basic points of HTML etc."

Congratulations to Ellyn vonHuben for correcting another error, but I am grateful that she left the above one alone.