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Friday, August 23, 2002
This is what I call a blog.

After adding another entry to his indispensable list, I hope Mr. Serafin enjoys this new blog:

"... if I am not mistakened ..." (Well ....)
"... the Eagle Forum's Mrs. Phyllis Schlafley."
"... my fathers generation ..."
" ... publising a new entry ..."

"... a work that I have planned on sending to a theological censor to obtain a Nihil Obstat ..." (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

UPDATE: Mr. Serafin: "Classic Catholic Literature" is now known as "Classic Catholic".

I hate when this happens!

Here are some nice misspellings from Catholic Light/Lite/Moose/Meese, but by the wrong Herr Schultz:

"I thought it was a pretty weak agrument ..."
"... salvation and santification is a process."
"... looked at me waiting for my resonse."
"On that much we argree, Preacher Willy!" (but do you concur?)
"Most of our fellow St. Blog's parishoners don't seem to be having the same problem." (Why am I not surprised?)
"I don't think conservation is letting forests grow unchecked so that they are prown to massive fires."
"For your ediifcation I will ..." (not if I can help it!)
"If it was a commericial ..."
"Discrimnation against Christians is alive and well in this country." (yet another cross for us to bear)

Meanwhile, Johann makes these pathetic contributions:

"Watchout, environmentalists!"
"It's not to early to start thinking ..." [Editor's Note: Sorry, it's just too easy.]

curiouser and curiouser

from a particularly peculiar blog (which, thankfully, is not on the list) :

"Gregory Popcak walked with a slight limp after a canon ball crushed his leg ..."
(That's what happens when you keep Pete Vere out of your machinations.)
UPDATE: Did Poopchek really hang around with Saint Ignatius?

"Since I'm tired and have made 14 typos already this morning, I will cal it PM from here on out ..."
(Would you believe 15?)

"Woodene, you are hereby appointed Minister of the Environment and Protector of the Fisherires."
(With that name, who could be more qualified?)

Thursday, August 22, 2002
Is anarchy always this messy?

Things are really getting ugly over at HMS Blog:

"There is a great commentary in it the need for grace rather than greed in our society."

"The campaigns of information, disinformation, posts, disposts, revolutions,
and counter-revolutions only am make my head hurt."
(So, none of this bothers you in the afternoon?)

"Who would have the most to gain in tearing HMS Blog, the tabernacle of St. Blog's parish, apart."
(My guess is someone cunning enough to place a question mark at the end of a question.)
(That should be "Parish", frightened and discouraged reader.)
(By the way, how likely is it that a person too cheap to pay $12/year to get rid of the blog*spot ad would pay for Blogger Pro?)
UPDATE: Pyra now wants $15 per year!

"... the victim’s of these priests."
"... the revoltion raging in St. Blog's?" (Freudian slip?)
"... situate knick knacks."
"And you thought the Ozbornes were bad!"

a few potholes on ...

... the road to holiness:

"I'm wondering if its okay to modify it a little bit."
"I'm learning to love my meditiative prayer ..."
"Just some prayers from you all wold be helpful." (so would a spellchecker / spell checker / spell-checker)
"... certanly the rough road was behind me."
"Now I realize how simplisitc that was."
"I have no idea how this will work out, but it will be an adventure none the less." (Amen!)

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
By Jove, I think she's got it!

[Editor's Note: Chill - that's just an expression - no false god worship here.]

OK, Mr. Lams, if you are that desperate to get linked again - here you go.
(I think TheresaMF can stand up for herself - see comments.)

It took a product of homeschooling to come up with the idea of spellchecking a blog.

Most bloggers probably have Mickeysoft Word on their computers.
Here's some free advice - before you post, put your text into Word and press [F7]
or click on the toolbar icon with the check mark - it might do you some good.
Notice I wrote "some good" - it's not perfect in checking spelling and grammar.
According to Word, "homeschooling" and "spellchecking" are both incorrect!
The alleged proper spellings are "home schooling" and "spell checking".
I disagree in both cases.

A Google search shows that both forms are used, but "homeschooling" predominates.
For example, this magazine uses the one-word spelling.

In the second case, I've seen a third spelling - "spell-checking".
I prefer the one-word spelling, probably because I recall seeing it in computer magazines.

By the way, Word thinks that some Latin words are kosher, but others are not.
Try these sentences:
I went to Nihil Obstat Grammar School.
I went to Mater Dei High School.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

"Tonight my sister Sara gets the special privilage of snuggling with her older sister ..."
"... he tends to salavate profusely in his literary enthusiasm."
"Sometime I'll have to tell you about the "Frankenstien" theory my friend Katy and I came up with."

Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Links Lojinks II

This post at Minute Particulars contains this link, but it no longer leads to what the blogger advertises.

The link in this post at Mallon's Media Watch has an ugly URL - it ought to point to this article.

Monday, August 19, 2002
Catechism Cataclysms?

some run-of-the-mill mistakes at Lex Communis:

"Let's be clear on this, Bob Jone University ..."
"... a review of Gary Wills most recent book."
"... a kaliedescope of mutually incomprehensible enthusiasms"
"... a person who was not physically injured ... is entitled to revover for his own emotional distress ..."
"... in fact it is simply a working out of poliicies previously articulated in prior decisions."
"... draws parallels between a film made in 1933 ... an George W. Bush's foriegn policy ..."

The following are misquoted from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

"... the begining of the history of man."
"... at the sme time bringing man a superabundant light ..."
"Faith is the theological virtue by which we beleive ..."

We have a whiner!

The Marquis De Misspelling has been deposed by the Queen of Crybabies.
Alexandra's obsession with yours truly continues.

Sunday, August 18, 2002
Proofreading also has its purpose.

In this post, I try "to point the way to truth."

from Musings of a Catholic Seminarian:

"Like vitue it takes a lot of practice ..." (I think the word was meant to be virtue.)

"The goal isn't (or shouldn't be) the to just point out the error ..." (The second the is extraneous.)

"... criticisms of others ideas ..."
(The word others is used as a possessive noun here, so should end with an apostrophe.)

"Surely criticism has it's purpose ..." (The possessive pronoun is its.)

"... choose wherin lies the road ..." (wherein)

"... somone ... usually does not have as a goal the leveling of a that which they are engaged with."
(The correct spelling is someone. The a before that is extraneous.)
"A preposition is a terrible word to end a sentence with." - Winston Churchill.

"... some young scoundrel ... put some John Deer Stickers on one of the Elder's International Harvester tractors."
There is no reason to capitalize elder's. I'm confident that the miscreant placed John Deere stickers on the tractors.